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Chicago-Style Hot Dog


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Poppy Seed Bun

Experience the true taste of an authentic Chicago Dog, featuring a 100% Vienna Beef frank paired with the original Chicago street food toppings on a fluffy poppy seed bun. We’re just minutes away, come see how we make hot dogs the true Chicago way!

From Hot Dog Stand To

An Authentic Chicago Style Restaurant

From Hot Dog Stand To

An Authentic Chicago Style Restaurant

The Chicago Dog was born in the great depression as a way for hardworking people to have a hot meal for a nickel. Its recipe is simple: 100% all beef franks piled high with farm fresh toppings, served hot on a fresh poppy seed bun.

We’ve decided to take that nostalgic experience and transform it into a fun family restaurant where you can experience all the flavors of Chicago under one roof, including:

Authentic Chicago-Style Hot Dog

True Chicago Pizza Puffs

Fresh-Cut, Extra Crispy, Never-Frozen Fries

Real Polish and Italian Sausage

Genuine Italian Beef 

Certified Vienna Beef Products

The Beginning of a dream!

Chicago Dog 42 Snatches Success From A Tragic Fire

The “42” in the name of the business is the birth year of Ronald Dazzo, Sr., Katherine’s dad, who started his first hot dog stand together with his brother in Chicago in the 1950’s, relocating to Arizona some 20 years later. Together they perfected variations on the Chicago dog, which traditionally includes an all-beef frankfurter on a steamed poppy seed bun, with mustard, onions, pickles, pepper and tomato.


You Can Taste

  • 100% authentic Chicago style ingredients





Fluffy Poppy-Seed Bun

✭ Vienna Beef Frankfurter 

✭ Yellow Mustard

✭ Chopped White Onion

✭ Sweet Pickled Relish

✭ Tomato Wedges

✭ A Pickle Spear

✭ Sports Peppers

✭ Celery Salt

Poppy-Seed Bun

✭ Vienna Beef Frankfurter 

✭ Chopped White Onion

✭ Sweet Pickled Relish

✭ Tomato Wedges

✭ A PickleSpear

✭ Yellow Mustard

✭ Sports Peppers

✭ Celery Salt

The Ingredients

Make The Dog.

We use only the highest quality ingredients from local bakers and farmers to achieve the legendary perfect flavor combination that transports you right to a 1930s hotdog stand, a seat in the ballpark, or at the family dinner table.

What our

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The Taste Of Chicago Has Never

Been Closer


Don’t feel like going on a  6 hour road trip to Chicago? Now you finally smash that craving for an authentic Chicago Dog in minutes. We’re right in your backyard, located in the Oakview Mall right off of route 275 or at any of our 3 food truck locations!


Want us to…actually be in your backyard? No problem! We can bring the cookout to you with our Cookout Trucks! Every item is made fresh to order and served by our team of Chicago hot dog experts. 


(Feel free to test them by asking for ketchup. They won’t crack.) 


Let us know when and where your event is. We’ll bring the dogs!


Of Taste.

We know you’ve got “the craving”, and no knockoff Chicago dog is going to satisfy it. That’s why we’ve decided to use only 100% authentic Chicago-style ingredients of the highest quality to create the perfect flavor combination and freshness you expect in a real Chicago dog.

It’s time to hit the spot. You know you’re hungry. Come down to Chicago Dog 42
to finally satisfy your craving for a true Chicago hot dog!

A Commitment to Amazing Food & Service for your Special Event!”

As you want your event to be a complete success, we want our food to make an everlasting impression on your guest. Whether it’s a corporate picnic, birthday party, or wedding, our Cookout Trucks are a great way for your guests to enjoy delicious Chicago-Certified Street Food without leaving the party.

Every item is made fresh to order and served by our team of friendly Associates who know how to make your special event a big hit! We can’t wait to bring the Chicago Dog 42 experience to you.

Franchise Opportunities

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Stay Tuned Omaha!
Chicago Dog 42 will return