Thank you for your interest in Chicago Dog 42. Chicago Dog 42 treats its customers with courtesy and its Crew Members with respect, and no one is more important than our customers. All Crew Members are expected to contribute to satisfying our customer’s expectations. The tasks necessary to achieve this are varied and some examples include: 

  • Cooking raw ingredients such as meat or french fries 
  • Assembling finished product such as hot dogs, specialty sandwiches, fried items and desserts.
  • Preparing condiments such as tomatoes, onions and lettuce 
  • Taking orders from customers and serving assembled orders to our customers 
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen dining room and restrooms 
  • Mopping floors, possibly scrubbing walls and disposing of trash.
  • Possible exterior maintenance such as picking up debris, scrubbing walkways and washing windows and food trailers. 
  • Many other tasks necessary to make our restaurants enjoyable for our customers

    All members of the restaurant team are expected to participate in the tasks necessary to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

    Applying to Become a Crew Member